Case Study: Whiteshell School District Uses ioAirFlow Platform to Identify Covid-19 Risk and Ventilation Performance in Schools

Mounting studies are documenting that viruses can spread faster in stale, compromised air while poor indoor air quality (IAQ) continues to compromise children’s health and school performance.

Now, with the rise of COVID-19 there is a growing call for education facilities to take critical action by testing ventilation and other indoor environmental quality variables to ensure the safety of students and staff. Learn how the Whiteshell School District heeded this call and used ioAirFlow's platform to identify COVID-19 transmission risk and optimal ventilation performance in their schools.

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"ioAirFlow's software provided quality data that was accessible, and interpretable. It allowed me to easily understand the performance of the school's building and integrate the data into my own reporting.”

Darrell Eason - Energy Advisor at Focused Energy Assessments